Super Clichè

by kaitlynfawn

Well, in less than an hour over here in Italy it’ll be 2016.. In about 6 hours it’ll be 2016 on the east coast.. 

What do I want in 2016? Happiness. How original does that sound? I want to be able to fully love myself.  I am blessed. I’m thankful to be alive and to have this beautiful daughter God placed in my life, but I’m not as happy as I would like to be.. 

It’s New Years Eve and instead of being out and enjoying the excitement and commotion, I’m in bed listening to Raeghan’s musical aquarium and just thinking back on this year… (Not really my choice but oh well).. Oh what a year. What a crazy, strength testing year. Most days it was always easier to give up but I made it.

So what will 2016 bring? Who knows. Hopefully everything my heart desires. I hope Raeghan gets the best 9 more months of her first year of life. I’m not one to make a bucket list or goals for the year. I just kinda think about things. I don’t want to disappoint people or have it thrown in my face that I didn’t accomplish something I talked soo much about. Unfortunately you’d think people wouldn’t do that but they do and it hurts, especially if it’s someone you expect better from. Regardless if my thoughts in my head don’t get fulfilled, I’m gonna give Raeghan my best and hope that 2016 is everything my little bundle of sassy couldn’t ever image being able to do! 

But, the quote below perfectly explains my life. 💕