Thankful for Cold Coffee

by kaitlynfawn


I’m a little OCD and prefer to mop thursdays and sunday’s but at midnight last night, while everyone was sleeping, I wasn’t too sure whether or not I wanted to clean on thanksgiving.. So what did I do? I got up and cleaned. I started upstairs. It broke my heart to put the guest bed back together because that meant that mom wasn’t here anymore.. But I did it. I cleaned all of upstairs and moved downstairs. Downstairs is a beast to attack to begin with. Two and a half hours later I was done. By that time I debated whether to sleep or not because I knew in an hour or so Raeghan would be up. Well, sleep won that debate. God blessed me when I checked the clock after Raeghan woke up at it was 4:45!! Never has she slept from 11-4:45. Normally we wake up at 3:30. Ahh I was still tired though. We ate and went back to bed, waking up a little after 9am. Don’t let me fool you, I am tired and could possibly use a nap, but that won’t happen today.

We aren’t cooking here in the Lahr house. We had our thanksgiving with Mom two weeks ago.  My mama has always told me, thanksgiving is when the family is together, and in that moment, our family was somewhat together! The Brigade Chaplain Assistant invited all the assistants and their families to their house this thanksgiving so we are going to fellowship with them today. As I was texting my grandmother yesterday (Yes, I said texting. She’s actually quite hip! And she has an iPhone.) she was telling me she made it safe to my Aunt and Uncle’s house for thanksgiving and I told her that this thanksgiving was the first away from family, and that is bittersweet. I also told her I was thankful for Ed and how i’m happy she has found a significant other that makes her days a little brighter. He doesn’t take the place of our grandfather, but I know grandpa would want her to be happy! Despite being away from my tight knit family, I have my little family that I have made here in Italy. No matter how tired I am (i’m actually more rested now than when I was pregnant, but tired is tired), or how many times sassy Raeghan pulls my hair, or how irritated I am that Alex doesn’t know how to boil eggs after MANY lessons, i’m thankful for both of them. We are healthy. Happy most days. But most importantly, thankful. Alex and I created, a little bit of both of us, this gorgeous, hazel eyed girl! One day she will drive her mama and daddy crazy, as if she isn’t already, but today we are soaking in all the cuddles! I was talking to mom last night and I told her I never knew how I could love someone so much. It’s quite mind blowing actually.

On a side note, don’t be thankful just today. There is no reason you should wait till the fourth thursday in November of every year to be thankful.. Believe it or not there are MANY people who do. You should be blessed and thankful everyday, for EVERYONE, even those you particularly don’t like. There are people all around not being able to have thanksgiving or be home with their family. Here in Italy there are families in the hotel that are unable to cook thanksgiving.. So as a Army Community many of us got together to help contribute to their thanksgiving. Make someones day today. I’m not sure if Walmart is open in the states, but if you find yourself out at the grocery store grabbing your last minute items, bless the workers that give you the opportunity to grab those last minute things. Remember the men and women protecting you right now. There are mama and daddy’s out their mission their soldier, sailor, airman, marine and coast guardian. It’s a hard time in the world with all the irrational outburst happening. Remember the families in Paris.. They are mourning but I bet you they are still thankful! Keep broken families in your heart.. Be blessed and stay thankful.

So today, on Thanksgiving 2015, I am thankful for cold coffee. Cold coffee means that I woke up with fresh air to breathe, to a beautiful baby that was a little hungrier than I.