Sugary Orange Syrup Soda .. YUCK! Holy headache!

by kaitlynfawn

Oh my oh my, it’s been a while since I wrote a blog post and i’ve slightly been dreading it lately, mind you it probably isn’t the best time to write it right now, but, OH WELL!

So I have my 28 week check up on Wednesday and I managed to overlook the fact that I needed 3 labs done before hand (oops) so I went today and got them going. Well, lets just say glucose testing is not fun, quite nasty actually, and I could probably still throw up if I allowed myself too. The chick (who is in the army) at the counter told me that this sugary, orange soda, syrup type substance, was not as bad. Just thicker orange soda.. Well, let me tell you that everyone I have talked to (including google) did not say this junk tasted good so this women was not an instant trustworthy source. 1 she had never been pregnant and never had to do this crap. 2 she only took a small sip. Okay, with that being said she told me I had to stand at the counter until I drank this WHOLE small foam cup full of vomit (ew). So, what did I do, I chucked it like I was doing shots. HAHA! Probably not the most appropriate but I had to sit there for an hour and I wasn’t going to add 5 minutes of standing at the desk to my hour of waiting. The chick said “there ya go, you got it”. I said “please god tell me I can drink water” haha. I chugged a whole bottle of water after that. Ew, I am still traumatized. Mind you, I am the odd soul that can’t drink cough syrup because I will throw it up while it’s still sitting in my mouth. I just can’t do it. Mind you people like Alex or Dad can drink it like water and i’m over here gagging watching them. Maybe they are the ones that need to take a glucose test! Any who, I got my glucose, thyroid and something else tested and will be ready by wednesday. Lets pray I don’t need to do the 3-hour test because i’m going to bring a bed and some tylenol to the next one.

I did not go back and read my last blog to see what the heck I told you guys last time, but we are FINALLY settled in our house. I never thought this day would come, although Alex and I occasionally say how we miss the hotel (really, the free breakfast that I never woke up for, the clean towels everyday and cleaning services were what I missed…OH and the elevator). Our house is as good as it might get. I have FINALLY started on Raeghans room. Her crib is together, none of her furniture matches though because the dresser is government furniture and I haven’t gotten around to my DIY glider project (it might just stay as is). I have washed her sheets and need to put her bed together, her stroller, etc., is still in boxes in the down stairs closet, curtains need to go up, then vacuum and mop her floor and put her carpet down. Doesn’t sound like a lot but it is. I did manage to put her monogram letters up in here room, everyone loves monograms! Here is the most updated photo of her room and my downstairs closet that has her stroller, carseat, base and adapter in it. Mind you the closet is normally empty.. Haha.

IMG_2322 IMG_2323image5-2image6-2

On a side note, I managed to sleep on and off until 11am this morning. Felt good but at 11 I made the decision that Alex would be home for lunch soon and I really needed to get to the clinic to get my labs done.

My house is clean again too. Some how I got the bright idea to start dog sitting.. It really wasn’t a bad idea to begin with because it was my own little type of income that would allow us to get our travelers passports and whatever else I felt that my little heart desired Raeghan to have! The self made business was going great until I realized I had booked 7 dogs for the 4th of July weekend…. OMG! Talk about major chaos and dog hair everywhere. I was having panic attacks after antic attacks and stressing to the max. Well, now everyone is gone home but I have 2 more clients set up within the next few weeks. And NO MORE overlapping for me. Here are a few of the furry friends Alex and I got the privilege of hanging out with!

IMG_2358 IMG_2702 IMG_2624 IMG_2622 IMG_2609 IMG_2600 IMG_2590 IMG_2580 IMG_2494 IMG_2481 IMG_2442image4-2

Just remember, you can never go wrong with cooking banana bread, getting gelato, or getting veggie pizza with 2 eggs on it! And yes, I know… I went major overboard on the chocolate chips (oops)! Alex didn’t complain though. He loves every bite.

IMG_2493 IMG_2596 IMG_2423

Fathers day is about recognizing father, although this fathers day Alex went out to our flower bushes and picked me a flower!! He’s too cute, at times. He irritated me beyond words the other day and came home from the gym with roses, which is always nice, but i’m not a huge flower person because you pay for flowers and then they die…no fun in that! But here is a picture of the flower he picked!


Okay, need I say more when I tell you to appreciate drywall.. Please god say thank you to your walls.. I decided it was time to put something up on our walls, like our last name sign that my MIL bought us at christmas or Alex’s coin box… Well it was a lot harder than I expected it to be. I went through sooooooooo many nails before I managed to get the nails that are in the wall now, in the wall. There are a few chips in the walls… Oops, oh well. I didn’t know at the time that the U-Do-It center has specific nails for our house because italian houses are made with CONCRETE walls……… Honestly, what a freaking joke. I miss drywall. So, now I have hung up our sign and coin box and they will be crooked until my mother gets here. Haha.

IMG_2428 IMG_2427 IMG_2426 IMG_2425 IMG_2424

I crack myself up sometimes. So, mom thought it would be a good idea for me to use her Facebook (since I refuse to get my own) so I can keep up with the Vicenza news… Well, I post and share and do all sorts of stuff that she doesn’t realize until days later. Haha. She said to me earlier “I have to go back and see what “I” shared all the time” haha. Oops, at least you guys know i’m on there. Sometimes it’s easier to post my moment on their then writing a whole blog about it. I also managed to snapchat but whole morning the other day, up until my day got ruined then I quit. Lets just say trying to pass the italian car inspection is practically impossible and I just wasn’t in the mood after I had failed for the second time. Ugh, I know. So stupid. Oh well.

So, Alex is meeting more and more people, mind you the Lieutenant Colonel knows me and holds a conversation with me every time we run into each other…..the guy in charge of a brigade (who’s next step is general) talking to a lower enlisted wife and asks how i’m feeling and how my pregnancy is going, that’s a good man right there! I offered him some of my fruit gummies today! Haha. Alex has to say Sir and i’m offering him fruit gummies. Oh the things civilians can get away with. Haha. Anyways. Alex works with a female sergeant who absolutely loves me because she has all boys and has already told me that she was going to get all the girl loving out of Raeghan because she is stuck with muddy, gross boys. Haha, I told her that was fine. I’m okay with making friends with Alex’s co-workers because in today’s society, it’s all about the connections. Who you know and who likes you! Last thursday night Alex and 6 other guys made up a 7 man team that would run in rotation for 12 hours for the fallen 173rd sky soldiers. Such a great event. I have tried to share the post from the 173rd brigade Facebook on mom’s Facebook so you guys would be able to see what I am talking about but to get a brief idea, it is the equivalent to Relay for Life, except it’s for fallen soldiers and they are running a lap. Each lap is 2.5 miles so within 12 hours Alex had run 15 miles. I went out there around 6pm and stayed until 11pm. It had started raining pretty bad (quick blow over) so as soon as it cleared up I drove home because I had to be back at 7am to pick Alex up. The funniest part of the Running with the Herd was that the guys and girls were allowed to drink. If you bought a beer stein for $20 you were allowed a mug of beer. Well, boy was it interesting watching some of these people drink. Alex’s team did not drink. Alex was the lowest ranking person so with that being said, I believe half of his team had to attend the change of command ceremony at 8am the next morning so showing up drunk / hungover on top of being EXHAUSTED…well not the best idea. Plus it really doesn’t feel great to run and drink. It leads to a lot of throwing up. Haha. The pictures below are of the beer stein we bought and 2 of the guys on Alex’s team taking quick nap while the rain blew by.


Well, hope all of you enjoyed this blog post. It’s 8:49 here and i’m about to go to bed because this extra sugar in my body has been draining me since I chugged it at 1:48.. Just a reminder, all of you are welcome to Skype, FaceTime or download WhatsApp to contact me! I know it’s a 6 hour time difference but i’m normally up at crazy hours, like 6 am here so it’s 12am on the east coast so I can keep mom up through her night shift! Yeah, I know, I’m the best. Jk, I just miss my mama like craaazyyyyy! If any of you see my mama please give her a big hug for me. We both are struggling being 5000+ miles apart.. It really sucks! Anyways, talk to you all soon. Enjoy!

Love the Lahr Family